Dreams Adds Spice to Your LIfe  
By Dian Thomas

As many of you know, I have the wonderful opportunity of traveling. I hear many people who travel as much as I do say how tired they are of road meals, missed planes, and new beds. Yes, there was a time when 300 days a year was too much for me, but my schedule has slowed down to the point that I love travel.

This week I have had two wonderful trips. One took me from Salt Lake to the Uinta Basin (eastern Utah), where I shared my one day seminar, “How to get a Million Dollars' Worth of Free Publicity.” The next trip took me to Las Vegas, the show capital of the world.

These two towns are about as different as you can find. One is a small developing town with small road and wonderful open space to ride your bike and dream. The other is a steamrolling, glazy city growing in leaps and bounds.

But what I find is best are the gems of people that I meet along the way. This week was rich with individuals that had an idea, dared to dream and then took actions. I met more than a dozen people I would love to have shared with you, but today I would like to tell you about a wonderful lady who decided to capture the outlaws of the west.

Dusty Johnson, a real character from the Uinta Basin, shared with me a wonderful game board she created. It was so well done I took time to see what inspired her to start this dream, which has added fun, spice, and much adventure to her life.

I asked Dusty to send me the details of her stories. It was so wonderful I decides to let you see it in her own words:

The idea for the game board "Ride the Outlaw Trail" literally came to me at two a.m. one morning. Though I played the usual games we all play as kids, to say I was a diehard game fan would be incorrect. As I awoke, however, I was coming down the side of a game board and when I landed on Etta's Place, I was safe. I came right up out of a dead sleep, buzzing with ideas for a game I would actually put together fourteen years later.

"Ride the Outlaw Trail" is all about Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch. Not one thing that happens in this game is made up. It's all real history and yes, it really did happen! You rob the same banks, trains, and mine payrolls that the boys did. You'll get shot at, and possibly taken out. You get to steal cows and horses and just truly have a rowdy good time.

This game is a time travel that will let you experience firsthand how it could have been if your butt were truly in the saddle riding with the boys. The only thing missing is the breeze brushing your face, and bullets zinging over head. Sought after by all age groups and school teachers, this game helps you learn real history, read cards, and roll dice. Just as the boys back when, you divide your take with gang members who actually lived a hundred years ago. Talk about an adventure — this is it!

When I started this game it was overwhelming the amount of history, facts, and untrue stories that were out there. I had to sort, find, and hunt. I thought it would never end. But to my delight and total pleasure, historians have backed this game, and many times exclaimed, “Why in the world did I not think of this?” Who would have ever thought?

I will never forget the day I received a letter from one of our soldiers over in Kuwait. Asking for a game, Sgt Jeff let me know that it looked like great fun for the 1,138th transcom platoon. Not only do they play it, but they also painted "Ride the Outlaw Trail" on those big trucks they drive in honor of Butch and the boys. And the testimonials they sent me, at times brought tears to my eyes. "Mama, nothing brings us home faster, nor makes our stay here more bearable than this game."

Because of a dream one night that lit me up for several years, I have friends in states I would have never met. My dear saddle pal (and retired banker) Bob Jayne is a fan like no other. The sweet little grandmother who ordered the game for her grandson for his birthday, called me back saying, "We did not want to part with it after we had played." I assured her there were more where that one had come from.

I never dreamed that my basket would be filled and then overflow, because of something I was able to create. Who would have ever thought that those long nights typing at my computer would touch so many? In my best cowboy language just let me say, it was a hellva trail at times, dust nearly got me a time or two, but at trail's end, it probably is the best thing I have ever done with my life. The boys and I bring family and friends together around a common table, and they have a ball. Thank You, God!

Have you got an idea? If you do, go for it. You'll be so glad you did. Nope, it's not always easy. In fact it's dang hard at times. But you just never know what it will bring to you; you may have the joy of having your heart warmed beyond belief. Always remember that dreams don't make noise when they die. Just go for it; bringing a dream to life will fill your life like nothing else in this world can.

How about you? Are you riding your creative trail? If not, how about saddling up and taking a leap of faith. We are so blessed to live in a world where you can dream, take action, and add fin, spice and adventure to your life.

I you would like to know more about Dusty's board game, call her at 435/789-3700.

I am still on the road for another week. I will be looking for more characters who dare to dream big and add spice to their lives. Tune in next week to learn from the first person I have met who climbed Mount Everest. Till then, do enjoy the journey.

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