Backyard Barbecues
For many, autumn means one thing — time for fun and adventure outdoors. If you can't go away, do not despair. A great adventure can be experienced right in your backyard.

Easy Backyard Eating
It's that time of year when meals outside taste a lot better than those prepared inside. Here's a winning menu.

Dutch Ovens in the Backyard can be Fun and Delicous
Delicous meal are just moments away with Dutch Oven in the backyard. You and build memories with you friends and family when cooking in the backyard.

The Machine-Sewn Swimming Pool for the Backyard
With a little creativity, two children learn that it's possible to make a swimming pool with a sewing machine.

improvised Grills. . . .Create Your Own Grills for Great Fun
You will be amazed with what you use to create grill grills for delicious meals.

Fish Layered Stew
Here is a yummy, low-calorie meal for your outdoor or indoor summer cooking.

GettingWrapped Up in Aluminum Foil Cooking
What is it about aluminum foil that makes food taste so good?

Cookouts in the Backyear can be Delicious
This is a great way to enjoy you backyard and build memories with your family and friends that will last for ever.

Ready, Set, Grill
If you have lived in the Snow Belt, you are most likely ready to get out the grill and fire it up for some delicious meals. Whether you grill meat or vegetables or even pineapple, you can't go wrong. Here you will learn some of your options so that as soon as it warms up you can clean off your grill or pick up one that will have you saying, “Ready, set let's grill!”

Getting Organized for and Outdoor Experience
When it comes to having a great experience outdoors, it definitely helps to be organized. When you have things organized you have more time to enjoy the outdoor and the people you are sharing the experience with.

Cooking in Oranges--Great Fun
You won’t believe all the things you can do with an orange when you go camping. Come and see!

Grilling All Year Round
For some unknown reason, food cooked on the grill just tastes better. Don't let a little cold weather (or even a blizzard) keep you from cooking adventurous meals outside all winter long.

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