Losing Weight

Weight Loss and Amazing Journey
When we find ourselves with extra pounds there is not one of us who would not like to wave a magic wand over our body and “Voila”, in moments discover the extra weight would be gone.

Deseret New Story on Dian Weight Loss
Weigh to Go! TV personality loses 125 pounds by Valerie Phillips. This step by step article details Dian journey to accomplish permanent weight lose. This Turtle approach to losing weight is a sure to accomplish health and weight lost together.


Tipping the Scales in Your FavorDian Thomas has lost 125 pounds and kept it off.  In her new book, Tipping the Scales in Your Favor, she shares her life-changing techniques to permanently losing weight and living a healthy and happy life.  Remember, small steps make a big difference in your health, weight loss, and happiness. Learn more

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