I Love China
f you go to China, Dian promises you will fall in love with the land and people.

Longi Rice Terrace in China’s High Mountains and the Women with the World’s Longest Hair
Women in this tribe in China’s high mountains cut their hair at age 18—and then never again.

Beautiful Friendly China
Article written for the Senior Review by Dian Thomas, April 2009.

Chinese Farmer Market Key to Fresh, Delicious, and Nutritious Food
I'm in China right now and want you to come directly to the farmer's market with me. You can begin to understand why the Chinese people are so healthy and slender. Come and see all the photos.

A Visit to the Beautiful Chinese Countryside
This week’s adventure takes us into some of the most beautiful areas in all of China. Come and see.

Europe has Delicious “Fast Fresh” Foods
Forget McDonalds, Europe is brimming with little shops that can serve yummy food just as fast.

Out with Reading History Books and In with Traveling to History
Traveling is a way of taking in knowledge at the speed of light.

China - March 2009 Grand Adventures in China
A journey into the heart of China.

China - Healthy Lifestyles in China
People in China play in the parks like only little children do in America.

China - The Forbidden City Rolls out Welcome Mat
Forget what you've heard about Beijing being the "Forbidden City." Beijing's doors and hearts are open wide to welcome visitors.

China - Exploring China through Adventurous Cuisine
From boiled chicken feet to roasted duck heads to turtles with their shells and claws, the Chinese can make a delicacy out of anything that has legs.

China - Adult Recess — Amazing, Inspiriting, and Fun
An American abroad discovers one way that elderly people stay young and healthy.

China - Adentures in China
One way to count your blessings is to count your windows.

China - American Youth Capture the Hearts of Chinese
American teenagers recently entertained the people in China, showing a face of America that is rarely seen in far-flung Chinese villages.

China - Celebrating a Traditional Chinese Wedding
A rare opportunity to attend a traditional Chinese wedding provides a glimpse into Chinese culture.

China - Seeking Excitement on Two Wheels
looking for a from of exercise you can be passionate about may be no harder than remembering you childhood adventures.

United States - Rose Parade: Passport to Creativity
Here's a look at the imagination and detail that goes into creating this magnificent and unique parade.

United States - Taking the Ride of a Lifetime
An intrepid group of bicyclists pedal across Iowa and celebrate friends and family along the way.

New York City: Just a lot of Little Neighborhoods
Take a walk with Dian around the block by the temple in New York City.

New York: A City Full of Changes
In the twenty years since Dian first worked in New York, the Church has blossomed into a beautiful diversity.

High Adventure at the Hole in the Rock
The pioneers spent six months traveling across terrain in Southern Utah that was so treacherous that even Jeeps got stuck on the trail. Join Dian in a harrowing desert adventure.

The Stars Are Out at Temple Square
Temple Square is famous for its beautiful flowers, but this weekend was even more special. The spring stars were out and brides, kids, and families came out to enjoy and celebrate this beautiful day.

From the Wasatch Mountains to Nova Scotia, Canada
Stop today and plan that special drive, walk, or bike ride into nature. It is so easy for the beauties that are all around us to slip away while we find ourselves at home with stacks of paper all around us — or dishes piled up in the sink that call us to spend our days in a mountain of suds.


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