What the Audience Says about Dian Thomas . . .

“You are one of the most entertaining and motivating presenters I have seen.  Your energy level is positive and very contagious. (Which is great.)  Thanks for all your great tips and stories.  I am definitely inspired.”
                                                —Aparna Sharma, Atlanta, GA

“You are a wonderfully charismatic, charming and passionate person and speaker.  I TOTALLY loved your talk and you have stimulated a million ideas in my brain!  Thank you for sharing you!”
                                                —Beth Barrett, Southbury, CT

“Heartfelt and inspirational.  I loved every minute of it.  I have more ideas, courage and hope after hearing you speak from your joy!” 
                                                —Beth Susanne, San Rafael, CA

“Thanks for shining your light and sharing your energy and passion with us.  You are a joy to enjoy.” 
                                                —Anita Hermesch, Cary, NC

“WOW—what a presentation!  You are so creative, humorous and energetic.  What a thrill to be in your presence.  Keep up the great work.  My philosophy has always been be yourself.  You certainly epitomize that.”
                                                —Patricia Welling, Cincinnati, OH

“Your love of life shows and has inspired me to take a risk to do the many things I dream to do.  A world of heartfelt thanks to you…for being you!”
                                                —Linda Lenore, Menlo Park, CA

“What a ball of energy—but more so a fount of information.  You shared so much knowledge, insight and common sense—it was incredible!  You’re
deceivingly brilliant.  Thanks for sharing with us.”
                                                —Liz Weber, Greencastle, PA

“You are truly amazing, both as a media celeb—and, more importantly, as a person.  Thank you for your wonderful generosity!”
                                                —Marilynn Mobley, Marietta, G


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