About Dian

Ranger Kids
Growing up in a ranger station in Southern Utah offered an idyllic existence and was the springboard for a lifetime of exciting adventures.

'Tonight Show' Gig Brought Fame for Dian Thomas - 35 Year Story
Here-e-e-e-e-e-e's Johnny!" Dian never dreamed she would hear these words standing back stage of the Johnny Carson show, but on June 4, 1975, she appeared on a show that would change her life.

My Roughing It Easy Life
My fondness for outdoor cooking, which has always been vivid in my memory, began when I was a very young child. My first taste of outdoor cooking was my dad’s homemade sourdough biscuits.

Dian Thomas was blessed with the good fortune to be born and raised in breathtaking southern Utah where her father was a forest ranger.

"Three P's in a Pod" for Stress-Free LIving
We cannot choose whether we face challenges, but we can choose how we deal with difficulties. Here is formula that will help you face your challenges with a smile on your face.

Bringing "Lights, Camera, Action!" Home to Play
A home gets transformed into a television studio for a day, with good times had by all.

How to Fly First Class through Life
Looking at life through a different lens offers a whole new world of opportunities.

The Top Ten Things I have Learned in the Past 30 Years
If you make a list of things you have learned, you can use that list to remind you of the lessons in life you may have forgotten. You can also use the list to prompt your gratitude for the miracles of life.

Coloring Outside the LInes
Sometimes the brightest colors are ones that appear in unexpected places. You can enrich your life's tapestry by coloring outside the lines.

The Adventures of a "Slow Reader"
"If you have never had a problem reading, writing, or spelling I know it would be hard for you to understand what it really is like." Here's a view from the lowest reading group.

"I Can't Read" and the Angels in My LIfe
“ I love the Chinese Proverb that says, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” That is what happened when I went to college.”

Selling Educated Worms
As a child, Dian and her brother got a great idea for earning some summer spending money.”

The Machine-Sewn Swimming Pool
With a little creativity, two children learn that it's possible to make a swimming pool with a sewing machine.

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