Starting a Fire With Steel Wool
This is one of my most popular demonstrations. Learn to start a fire when the wind is blowing.

Plan for Success on Your Next Camping Trip
Here are some ingredients to make camping trips successful.

Boiling Water in a Paper Cup
It is possible to boil water in an unwaxed paper cup without the cup igniting.

Camping Out for Breakfast
If you want to get your toes wet in the camping experience, start with the top of the morning — a hearty, homemade breakfast.

Nothing Better than Sourdough
If you made your sourdough starter last week, here are recipes to show you what to do with it.

Cooking in Oranges--Great Fun
You won’t believe all the things you can do with an orange when you go camping. Come and see!

Breakfast Cooked in a Paper Bag
No pans? No problem. You can cook breakfast in a paper bag.

"Kick the Can" Ice Cream
"Ice cream in a tin can" is my most requested recipe. Home-made ice cream is always the most refreshing dessert, and making it outdoors provides both recreation and a cool, memorable treat. It also creates lifetime memories of fun.

It's Time to Be Outdoors
Take a few minutes to think about what nurtures your soul and be sure to get that on the calendar. It will make the hard things a lot easier.

GettingWrapped Up in Aluminum Foil Cooking
What is it about aluminum foil that makes food taste so good?

Getting Organized for and Outdoor Experience
When it comes to having a great experience outdoors, it definitely helps to be organized. When you have things organized you have more time to enjoy the outdoor and the people you are sharing the experience with.

Sourdough Bread
Delicious sourdough bread — always a favorite and a winner out-of-doors — was the principal bread of the hardworking men and women who built the West. You, too, can enjoy its heartiness and flavor.

Nothing Better than Sourdough
If you made your sourdough starter last week, here are recipes to show you what to do with it.

Make Your Meal and Adventure
It's truly amazing what you can do on an outdoor outing if you just have the right ideas. Two favorite off-the-wall ideas are Backpack Chicken and Car Manifold cooking.

Camping Recipes
Breakfast  There’s nothing to equal the smell of fresh smoked bacon cooking over an outdoor fire as the sun comes up in the quiet, crisp morning against nature’s backdrop. A nourishing morning meal is the most important meal of the day. Children are even more active outdoors, and a good breakfast keeps their energy level high. These breakfast ideas were designed to offer easy yet nourishing meals to start the day out right.

Soups and Stews
Our connection with the past and to our ancestors comes alive whenever soups, stews and other old-fashioned one-pot meals are served. When it’s comfort food we’re looking for, these recipes always hit the spot. And with today’s convenient ingredients, these oldtime favorites are made easily and in less time than most of us imagine. Soups and stews are an excellent way of combining assorted foods from different food groups. Because they are slowcooked in liquid, you can enjoy the view without tending the fire so closely. Their heartiness makes them perfect for the outdoors.

Too often our limited thinking of salads begins and ends with lettuce. There are so many delicious vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and other foods that can adapt a simple salad into an entire meal. Successful salad secrets depend on your creativity or a good recipe book. One of my favorite ideas for outdoors is a Fruit Pudding Salad made from canned and/or fresh fruit using instant lemon pudding for a zesty, flavorful dressing.

Sandwiches Sandwiches are the fastest food for simple, sensational, outdoor meals. A variety of breads and a selection of fillings will satisfy hungry hikers and can be easily carried along the trail. Plastic self-sealing bags allow you to pack sliced meats, cheeses and other condiments at home. Store them in a refrigerator or cooler until lunchtime, and have each person prepare a delicious sandwich to their liking.

Main Dishes It’s easier than most people realize to produce elegant and impressive main dish meals outdoors. Whether you use a camp stove, Dutch oven or other means of cooking, main dish recipes take on a splendid, unique flavor when prepared outdoors.

One-Dish Meals
Hearty and satisfying one-dish meals are a boon to any outdoor excursion. Whether you’re on the trail or around a campfire, you’ll find that these simple yet satisfying recipes were designed for quick preparation using readily available ingredients. In addition to traditional stews and poultry dishes, try innovative recipes like Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Pizzelle. It’s yummy!

Side Dishes
When outdoors, you’ll want to pay close attention to healthy, nutritional meals and snacks. Vitamins found in vegetables, proteins from grains and legumes, and energy from carbohydrates are essential for hiking, camping and other activities. Vegetables can be cleaned, prepared and placed in plastic self-sealing storage bags at home.

Butters, Rubs, Marinades, Sauces and Dressings The use of butters, rubs, marinades, sauces and dressings in meal preparation influences the flavor and tenderness of meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. A marinade or rub is easy to prepare and the enhanced flavor is always worth it.

Breads and Doughs
As mentioned in the introduction, the earliest impact outdoor cooking had on me was when my father baked biscuits in a Dutch oven. Since then, all my favorite bread, muffin and other dough recipes have been adapted for multiple methods of outdoor cooking. It’s a lot easier to be creative outdoors with dough than you might imagine. One of the simplest, most satisfying and fun recipes is Bread on a Stick.

Desserts I’ve saved the best for last—my award-winning desserts.This is where I have converted those nonbelievers who thought cakes,pies and ice cream were impossible to make outdoors. Some of the best cobblers and pies can be baked inside a Dutch oven—this is an easy and delicious way to use fresh fruits. Other desserts not commonly associated with grilling, such as Shaggy Dogs are delicious when prepared outdoors.

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