Breakfast in a Paper Bag
Yes this is a show stopper. Great way to teach people to follow direction. If you do not you breakfast will burn in the bag.

Nothing Better than Sourdough
If you made your sourdough starter last week, here are recipes to show you what to do with it.

Sourdough Bread
Delicious sourdough bread — always a favorite and a winner out-of-doors — was the principal bread of the hardworking men and women who built the West. You, too, can enjoy its heartiness and flavor.

Cowboy Potatoes
This recipe is a favorite to cook in a Dutch oven.

Cooking in Oranges--Great Fun
You won’t believe all the things you can do with an orange when you go camping. Come and see!

Fish Layered Stew
Here is a yummy, low-calorie meal for your outdoor or indoor summer cooking.

Enchilada Pie
I love to feed this to boys as it is hearty and will be sure to fill them up. Easy to make and one of my favorites.

Fruit Pudding Salad
Easy way to have a fruit salad when you are camping outdoors. Just open up the can and stir. For the fresh taste of fruit you can as banana, apples or oranges.

Goat Cheese Pizzelle
This has great taste and flavor. One of my favorites.

Garlic Herb Butter
Great on toasted bread or cooked vegetables.

Ice Cream in a Can
Great for young and old alike. This is one they will never forget. It has been a show stopper for me for years.

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake
This is the best cake that you can make when you do not want to frost the cake. I love to bake it and take to my friends. When I turn it over I have a hot cake that has already been frosted with the pinapple and cherries.

Quick Scones
When you follow this recipe you will never have uncooked centers. You start with and english muffin. This is quick and easy and alway good.

Sheep-herder Stew
This hearty meal will be enjoyed by all.

Smoked Turkey Pockets
Enjoy this delicious combination of flavors.

Sunshine Toast
If you like eggs, bacon, and toast you will love the blend of these flavors.

Winter Picnics to Warm the Hearts
When it's so cold outside that most people are huddled indoors, some adventurous souls pack picnic hampers for outdoor adventures without mosquitos or ants.

It's Time to Be Outdoors
Take a few minutes to think about what nurtures your soul and be sure to get that on the calendar. It will make the hard things a lot easier.

Treasured Friend and Treasured Recipes
People are like an encyclopedia, filled with information but not often opened. Here is the story of one human encyclopedia, along with a recipe she shared along the way.

GettingWrapped Up in Aluminum Foil Cooking
What is it about aluminum foil that makes food taste so good?

Time to Wok Up to Chinese Cooking
In celebration of the Olympics, Dian teaches us how to make some traditional Chinese dishes.

Great Super Bowl Foods
No matter when you gather around the television to watch the Super Bowl, a lot of people are even more excited about the football food than they are for the game itself.

Turkey Leftovers that Make Your Mouth Water
Although Thanksgiving is now behind us, enough turkey fans are eying turkey reruns that you can find bargains on turkey at many local markets. Once you have had the initial turkey dinner, you will still have lots of delicious meat to prepare some terrific turkey dishes.

Thanksgiving in the Great Outdoors
It is time to make those final plans for Thanksgiving. Most people will roast their turkey in the oven but if you have a little adventure, good weather, and a little time you could consider some outside alternatives.

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