Dian has been to China sixteen times leading tours. She loves to share her travels through the articles that she write and the photos that she takes. Enjoy these articles that will give insights into the lifes of the people especially those that live in the country.


I Love China
f you go to China, Dian promises you will fall in love with the land and people.

China - A Grand Adventures
A journey into the heart of China.

A Visit to the Beautiful Chinese Countryside
This week’s adventure takes us into some of the most beautiful areas in all of China. Come and see.

Chinese Farmer Market Key to Fresh, Delicious, and Nutritious Food
I'm in China right now and want you to come directly to the farmer's market with me. You can begin to understand why the Chinese people are so healthy and slender. Come and see all the photos.

China - Healthy Lifestyles in China
People in China play in the parks like only little children do in America.

China - The Forbidden City Rolls out Welcome Mat
Forget what you've heard about Beijing being the "Forbidden City." Beijing's doors and hearts are open wide to welcome visitors.

China - Exploring China through Adventurous Cuisine
From boiled chicken feet to roasted duck heads to turtles with their shells and claws, the Chinese can make a delicacy out of anything that has legs.

China - Adult Recess — Amazing, Inspiriting, and Fun
An American abroad discovers one way that elderly people stay young and healthy.

China - Adentures in China
One way to count your blessings is to count your windows.

China - American Youth Capture the Hearts of Chinese
American teenagers recently entertained the people in China, showing a face of America that is rarely seen in far-flung Chinese villages.

China - Celebrating a Traditional Chinese Wedding
A rare opportunity to attend a traditional Chinese wedding provides a glimpse into Chinese culture.

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