This angel is easy enough for little cherubs to make!

Pink lightweight posterboard

1/4″ wiggly eyes

Permanent marker (red)

Acrylic paint (pink) Sponge

1 white (or colored) paper bag
1 (6″-8″) round paper doily
White or multicolored curling paper ribbon (hair)

1/2yard (1/2″ wide) ribbonSmall bell
Glue gun

To make the face, cut two identical circles from the poster­ board, using a 4″-5″ diameter can or another round object as a pattern. Glue on wiggly eyes and draw a smile on one poster­ board circle. Sponge paint pink cheeks.

Place the gift in the bag. Fold the doily in half and place it over the top of the bag, matching the fold with the bag edges. Staple the cen­ ter of the doily to the bag. Glue the two circles together, sandwiching the fold of the doily about halfway up the head. Curl several yards of the curling paper ribbon and cut it into varying lengths for the hair. Glue the curled paper ribbon around the face and on the back of the head for hair.

Thread the ribbon through the bell and tie the ribbon in a bow. Glue the tied ribbon and bell underneath the chin.