One of the challenges of being outdoors is starting a campfire. These ideas will help you start that surefire that will cook your meals and warm your heart. There are many ways to start a campfire. Some may be fun for younger (and older) campers and can also be used in times of emergency. Matches: The most common method of starting a campfire is to use matches. They can be protected against moisture by dipping them into either paraffin or fingernail polish. After dipping the matches, place them in the grooves of a piece of corrugated cardboard to let them dry. Keep matches in a waterproof container.

Cardboard Egg Cartons: An easy and fun way to prepare good tinder at home is in cardboard egg cartons. This is my favorite way. I make them all the time. I save all my cardboard egg cartons and my lint from the dryer and it takes care of all my fire-starting needs. Save the lint from your dryer and fill the pockets of a cardboard egg carton with the lint. Then set the egg carton on a section of the newspaper. Next, heat paraffin wax in a double boiler and pour the wax over the lint. Each time you need a fire starter, break off a pocket of the egg carton. It will burn for 10 to 15 minutes. Cotton balls soaked in paraffin also make good fire-starting materials. Enjoy starting your campfire with whatever method you choose!

Newspaper: Another method of starting a campfire uses newspapers. Roll several newspapers tightly until they are 4 inches in diameter. (ecology catalogs sell a nifty device that tightly rolls newspapers into logs.) Tape around the outside to hold the paper log together, and cut it into 1-inch sections with a band saw. Then place the rolls of paper in melted wax, letting the paper absorb as much wax as possible; remove and place on paper to cool.

Caution: When melting wax, use a double boiler so that the wax will not ignite. It has a low combustion point.
When the sections are ready to use, merely pull out about 10 inches of the center and use it for a fire starter.
At times when tinder is not available, uncoil the center of the newspaper, light it, and let the whole roll burn. Small pieces of newspaper can also be rolled into smaller rolls, tied with string, and dipped in wax