One of the benefits of biking in the summer is the beautiful gardens and flowers you see along the way. The Chateau de Villandry has the most amazing gardens.

It is said that these gardens could be the nicest in France. There were several different kinds of gardens, but the ones that caught my eye were the formal gardens they used for reception and formal parties, the water gardens that I found so peaceful, and the kitchen gardens.

If you closed your eyes when you looked at the formal gardens and turned on your imagination, you would dream up some fantastic parties that might have taken place as you looked over the tailored shapes.

The water gardens are the perfect place to go after a stressful day. It is a peaceful place to go to meditate. As you enjoy the beautiful water fountains, you can be entertained by two swans in the big reflective pool.

The abundance of vegetables and the evenly spaced paths of the decorative kitchen garden are a feast for the eyes, with boxwood, rose bushes, and fountains gently softening the spectacular geometric patterns. There was every herb you could imagine in the kitchen gardens. One would never have problems having a healthy diet if one could eat all these delicious and colorful vegetables.

It was not hard to see why it took nine full-time and several part-time gardeners to keep this garden drawing day after day to enjoy this exceptional spectacular place.