Today we left camp and headed for Versailles.  It is outside of Paris, about 20 miles.  It was mostly going up several steep hills which would have been very difficult for me on a regular bike.  I got a running start at the hills and went right up without stopping with my electric bike.  I was usually the first one to the top.  We had a wonderful time riding through the French countryside.  We stopped at one of the French pastries shops.  It was owned and run by a family.  The pastries were just as I imagined French pastries to be simply delicious.

The Palace of Versailles has been listed as a World Heritage. Site.  The palace contains 2,300 rooms, and it is one of the most elegant palaces ever built.  It was the royal residence for over 100 years.  After the French revolution, this grand estate became a museum for the history of France.  It has now been restored to look like the royal residence and is visited by thousands yearly.

We took a stroll through the royal gardens and found a cool spot in the gardens to eat our lunch.  After lunch, we had a most pleasant ride back to camp.