To cook bacon and eggs for breakfast, cut a strip of bacon in half. Spread it in the bottom of a new lunch-sized paper sack. Break an egg and drop it on top of the bacon inside the sack. To make scrambled eggs, open and fold down the top of the bag. Crack the shell, hold it high over the bag, and release the egg. When it hits the bottom of the bag, it will be scrambled.

Beginning at the top, roll the sack down in one-inch folds until you reach the middle of the sack. Poke a stick through the rolled folds at the top of the sack and hold it over a bed of coals or set it on a piece of foil above a bed of hot coals. Grease will appear along the bottom of the bag as the food cooks. The bacon and egg will cook in approximately 10 minutes.

Roughing It Easy

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This is also easy to cook on a tin can stove. During the last two minutes before eggs are done, place two slices of white sandwich bread on either side of the can. If the can is very hot, the bread will stick to the can. Wait a few minutes and pop the toasted bread off with a spatula or a hot pad to prevent burns.