Personalize your eggs by enclosing special messages in the shells.

Use a sharp needle to poke a small hole in the small end of an egg and a larger hole in the larger end. Through the large hole, puncture the egg yolk with the needle. Hold the egg over a bowl and gently blow through the small hole to force the raw egg out of the shell. Rinse the shells thoroughly.

Share an Easter message on a hollowed out Easter egg.

A turkey baster can also suck the contents from the eggs. Poke only one hole—large enough to accommodate the point of the baster. Be sure to clean the baster with hot soapy water or run it through your dishwasher.

It’s best to discard the contents of the eggs. If you insist on using them, cook them as soon as possible, and use them only in thoroughly cooked products, such as cakes or custards, not in soft scrambled eggs.

Use marking pens, ribbons, lace, and acrylic or watercolor paints to decorate eggshells. “I Love You” messages can be written on small slips of paper, rolled up, and carefully placed inside the eggs through the larger hole.

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