Farmers’ markets are a highlight of visiting France.  Usually, you will find them on Saturday morning but the best way to be sure is to check with the Tourist Office in the city you plan to visit.  My friend who often bikes in this area said that she plans her trips around the farmer’s markets.

This weekend I made sure that I was at the market by 10:00.  It was a great way to see the fruits and vegetables of the area as well as the flowers, meats, and seafood.

I would often ask the person that was selling if they spoke English.  They would usually answer a little.  Between sign language and the bit they knew we were able to negotiate the items that I wanted to buy.

In Saumur, there were both a food market and a clothing market.  I went to the Tourist Office to make sure I knew where the food market was as that was the one that I was interested in.  I was planning to spend the week in this area so I was looking to purchase many items that I could eat and enjoy.

It was a real delight to meet the people at the market.  There are a lot of people that visit this area from Great Britain, and the Netherlands.  The interesting thing about meeting people from the Netherlands is that they usually speak very good English.  The Netherlands is such a small country they know that if they do not speak English they will not be able to communicate in the world.