Remove the pulp from an orange using the method described on page 89 of my book Roughig It Eays. Place the fruit inside a 1-quart plastic self-sealing bag. Press on both sides of the bag, getting as much air out as you can. Seal the bag. Squeeze the fruit at the bottom to release all juice. Then turn the bag on its side. Place your hand in the center of the bag on the bottom and loosely gather it to the top, leaving enough room for the juice to flow to the empty side as you continue to squeeze the bottom of the bag. Pop open the top of the bag. Insert a straw where the juice is collecting. Find a log to sit on and continue squeezing the orange. This is the freshest squeezed juice you can have—even made fresher in the brisk outdoor air.

Squeeze your orange in a bag and drink with a straw!