Decorate your Christmas tree with fun animals.

Aluminum soda pop cans or small juice cans

Metal primer or matte-finish enamel spray paint

Colored enamel spray paints (including fresh color)

Acrylic paint (white, red or pink, blue or green, and black)

Liner brush
Clear spray varnish

Scraps of felt or fun foam


Pipe cleaners
Small hats, bows, and bells

Glue gun

Wash the can and remove the ring. Push the remaining piece of tab back into the can with a screwdriver. Don’t put your finger in the hole since the sharp edge will cut!

Crush each pop can by squeezing it slightly in the middle and stepping on one end of the can to smash the ends together. If you want both ends to show, fold it in half and then smash it from the side. Spray the cans with metal primer or matte-finish spray paint. Follow with the desired color of enamel paint. (Allow each layer of paint to dry before painting the next.)

Using acrylic paints, draw eyes, nose, and mouth. Paint the cheeks with a small sponge. For the eyes, dip the end of a large brush (or a pencil eraser) in white paint and touch the can to form a large circle.

For the center of the eye, use the tip of a medium-sized brush and add a dot of blue or green. When dry, add the black pupil. Each eye is highlighted with two small white dots. Using a liner brush, outline the eye and draw eyelashes and whiskers with black paint. Spray with a clear varnish.

Cut the ears and legs out of fun foam. Make tails out of twine or pipe cleaners. Use fringe for the lion’s mane. Add miniature pom-poms or fun foam for noses. Decorate with small hats, bows, bells, etc.