Temple Square is famous for its beautiful flowers, but this weekend was even more special. The spring stars were out and brides, kids, and families came out to enjoy and celebrate this beautiful day.
If you have ever planted bulbs in the fall, you know it is a mystery as to how they will look. I have decided that the people who plant on Temple Square have an extra touch, as all the flowers come out at the same time and are beyond beautiful.
Over the weekend I learned that the Hebrew word for Heaven is Nature. If you were on Temple Square recently, you would be sure that you had gone to heaven. Nature could not get better.
Tulips in full bloom
Beautiful bed of flower blend so many flower and so many colors.

For those of you who will be flying though Salt Lake and have a layover for a few hours, you will want to catch one of the Free Shuttles that come by every hour. You can find them at the first door in terminal one and at the last door at terminal 2. Temple Square is just a few blocks from the airport. Learn more about what temple square is and what members of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints believes at www.mormon.org.

Just married couples were out and about having their photos taken. It was fun to look at the beautiful brides’ dresses and the handsome couples as them beam with happiness.

Temple Square free shuttle van takes you from the Salt Lake City airport to down town Salt Lake City.
Temple Square free shuttle van takes you from the Salt Lake City airport to down town Salt Lake City.
This couple seals their marriage with a special kiss at the reflection pond.

For families it was a day to dress up for photos. This little child seems to be part of the beautiful garden. For those that are fascinated with water, it is a place to reach out and feel the rushing water coming off from several waterfalls and fountains.

This small boy takes time to reach out and check the temperature of the water.

For these graceful statues their job is 24/7. They dance all day and night in the middle of the beautiful flowers.

Dancing mom and kids stature at Temple Square in Salt Lake City Utah