As we come upon another holiday season, it is time to look back and reflect on the past and past holiday seasons. I took a little time and decided to write down the top ten things I have learned in the past thirty years. Now I have my list to read and remind me of the opportunities and blessings I have received by just being born in this amazing time.

  1. We live in a magical world, which we create each and every day. We live better than the kings and queens of old ever dreamed of living. With the advent of the computer and now the worldwide web, the earth is now at our finger tips. Just imagine calling on your computer to just about anywhere in the world for almost free?
  2. I love an old Chinese proverb that goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When you are ready and you put out what you want to learn, people will come into your life to teach and support you. Jackie Keller of Nutrifit came up to me and said, “I can help you lose weight.” Eighty pounds later, I blessed the day she shared her insights and wisdom with me. She really has been an angel in my life.
  3. People are like encyclopedias — they have a wealth of information, but most people don’t ask or take the opportunity to learn from the incredible people who cross their paths each and every day. Reach out and ask. You will be amazed at what happens.
  4. Always be curious about life and take time to enjoy the journey. When I reflect on this, I think of children who want to know about everything they don’t understand. For them, life is an adventure and they usually fill every extra moment with a question, fun and new experiences.
  5. My biggest enemy is myself. Many times my perceptions of myself are wrong. Therefore, I limit what I do and what I can do. I love this quote from Henry Ford, “If you believe you can do something you can; if you believe you can’t you’re probably right.”
  6. Life is full of opportunities to be an encourager. I like to encourage people, but I have learned the difference between encouraging them and making an effort to fix them.
  7. Everyone in life has challenges. It’s what we do to help them that counts. When I lose prospective, I reach out and share with my closest friends. That gives me new insight and often helps me look at my challenges with new perspectives that enhance the experience.
  8. “No” just means next. In the world of media it is well known that there will be no’s. “No” from someone doesn’t mean your idea or desire is not a good one. It just means a “no” from that person. Remember the persistence kids have. They do not give up with a no, and many times they get what they want as they keep testing the waters.
  9. When you have ideas and information to share with others, always ask them if they would like to hear your ideas before you take the energy and time to share your information. Your advice will have more value.
  10. I learned from Johnny Carson to always take the time to build others up — for in building up others you will build up yourself.

As the holiday pace speeds up, don’t forget to take time to reflect on life and its many blessings. Life’s great rewards come during the journey and not the destination.