Carving a turkey is a simple skill, and these few suggestions will help you carve your bird with ease.

  • Slice the skin between the breast and leg.
  • Continuetocutdowntothejoint, pulling the leg away from the bird while the tip of the knife severs the joint between the leg and the breast.
  • Locatethejointbetweenthethighandlegwithyourknife and cut through the joint.
  • Remove the large pieces of meat from the leg and thigh bones.
  • Cut through the joint between the wing and the breast to separate the wing from the bird and cut the wing in half.
  • Cut along the entire length of the breastbone with the tip of your knife. Remove the breast half by angling the blade of your knife and slicing along the line of the rib cage. You can also slice the breast without removing it from the bird.
  • Thinly slice the breast across the grain of the meat.