Easter eggs symbolize the rebirth of new life in spring and Christ’s resurrection.

Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Assign each child a color. Buy plastic eggs or color hard-cooked eggs in an equal number of each color. Fill plastic eggs with candy or small toys. Hide the eggs according to the age and ability of the child. If you have several children coming to the egg hunt, a time-saving tip and a fun idea are to have the older children hide eggs for the younger children. Eggs for very young children can be hidden so they can be seen, but eggs for older children can be hidden in more challeng­ing locations. Give each child an empty basket with a ribbon of the appropriate color tied to the handle.

Easter Treasure Hunt

Make it an extra fun Easter Treasure Hunt by including messages. You can put a clue inside a plastic egg, write it on the outside of the egg with a fine-tipped marker, or hollow the eggshell and insert a rolled message. Place the egg containing the first clue in the child’s Easter basket.

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