Easter is a fun holiday that includes traditions of cooking eggs, coloring, hiding and finally eating them! While these activities are fun and make family memories it is important to remember that neglected or miss-handled Easter eggs can make you sick if consumed or handled when conditions aren’t idea.  Here are 4 things to keep in mind when handling your Easter eggs.

  1. Because the eggshell is still porous, keep hands and sur­faces that touch hard-cooked eggs clean. Harmful bacteria can get inside through the shell and multiply to danger­ous levels if conditions aren’t ideal.
  2. To keep colored eggs safe for your Easter Egg Hunt, put each egg in a small plastic sandwich bag or wrap in plas­tic wrap and tie it shut.
  3. Keep eggs chilled (before and after dying them) until you are ready to hide them. If they’re not found within about five hours, discard them.
  4. If you aren’t going to eat the eggs within the five-hour safe period, refrigerate them for up to four or five days. If you plan on eating them check out my delicious Deviled Egg Recipe!

Now that you have refreshed safety precautions pertaining to your Easter eggs enjoy the Easter family activities associated with cooking, coloring, finding and eating your Easter eggs!

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